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A full screen mobile phone will be added to the Q20.

After the outbreak in the second half of last year, the overall screen is heating up this year. In March, each manufacturer will have a new machine to talk about a comprehensive screen, the difference is only the width of the black box, the individual will also use special shaped screen, such as the main "new generation of comprehensive screen" HUAWEI Nova 3E, using Liu Haiping's vivo X21. Even the new channel of operators has also entered the field of comprehensive screen, cute cases for iphone 6s rose gold such as the upcoming red pepper Q20.

Random Thoughts on History My Visit to Southampton County Virginia Xiaomi Mi4 M4 Accessories Phone Cases Cover
Random Thoughts on History My Visit to Southampton County Virginia Xiaomi Mi4 M4 Accessories Phone Cases Cover

Chili peppers Q20 is a new product made by two well-known manufacturers of pepper and Tianyi. Starting from the day before, peppers mobile official Bo opened the countdown mode. First is to reveal the unique double 4G double VoLTE, as a product with the sky wing cooperation, indeed in the communication field advantages, followed by the appearance of "comprehensive screen" disclosure. The "golden ratio of visual copy" is not 1:0.618, but 18:____, which sells a pass on the surface. In fact, buy cell phone accessories online canada 18:9 is not running across the screen. It is worth studying whether the small chili Q20 has a new frameless solution under full screen compression. For example, carrying fingerprint technology under the screen? Here you can look forward to it.

Just as soon as the capsicum posted the last countdown posters, the author guessed that the answer to the crosses should be 5.5, the normal body size of the 18:9 full screen phone. Compared with the full screen, this selling point is a bit plain. However, since the age of big screen, countless consumers have added to 5.5 inches of favor, ted baker phone case iphone 6 ebay so 5.5 is certainly a good sense of hand, and there is no lack of a broad visual experience.

In the last few days, we can see that the three big selling points of red pepper Q20 are double 4G double VoLTE, 18:9 comprehensive screen and 5.5 inch fuselage. However, because this is the operator machine, its price will have great advantages. This is a good choice for friends who want to try full screen.

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