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High profile Dopod, Samsung's first PPC intelligent I718 evaluation

Samsung I718 has the same design style as the platinum series Samsung launched before, with a wide screen and a wide and flat fuselage that makes it more similar to a handwritten handset, E898, rich in Samsung's design style. Collocation with silver lines, the whole machine revealed a strong business atmosphere, collocation on the current mainstream of ultra thin design, Samsung I718 in a large number of PPC mobile camps have excellent design, which is the first design of Windows Mobile PPC mobile Samsung is a design aspect of the performance, but also let us see The development of PPC mobile phones is bound to be good in the future. The addition of Samsung has added another option to people, and also makes PPC phones more fashionable.

The ultra thin design of Samsung I718 has a good advantage in volume, and I718 continues to carry forward the ultra thin design that Samsung is good at. Its body thickness is only 13.5mm, although it does not break through the record of the ultra-thin smart phones of the Samsung's i308 and Motorola Q's stunning 11.5mm, but in PPC intelligence. On the mobile phone, Samsung I718 is the thinnest PPC smartphone in the world. The volume of 108 x 58 x 13.5 mm is very small in the PPC cell phone. The weight of less than 110 grams is very light for a PPC mobile phone, and the ultra thin fuselage has good portability. The excellent industrial design and color matching make the I718 higher. The charm index, compared with many traditional PPC phones, is better than Samsung I718.

The stylus of Samsung I718 is pulled out of three segments, with a very good touch, with a touch screen of 2.8 inches, so that the overall control is excellent and the comfort is greatly improved.

The Samsung I718's screen configuration also follows Microsoft's color constraints, equipped with a 65536 - color TFT display, and a 2.8 - Inch display in the same resolution as the standard QVGA (240 * 320) pixels. The 2.8 inch screen not only brings excellent display effect, but also brings great convenience to use control. Thanks to Samsung's good attainments in the display screen, it has excellent color reduction, contrast and color saturation control. Samsung I718 provides five levels of brightness adjustment, and according to the level of the classification of the brightness level, in order to save electricity set, Samsung also set the setting of the background lamp time for the keyboard. It is convenient for users to set, and it is very good to save electricity. It is worth the other manufacturers to learn.

Based on the consistency of the Windows Mobile operating system, Samsung I718 is basically in line with many of the models we've been exposed to in the context of menu display, and no changes have been made. Although the overall interface is consistent with the Windows Mobile model, users can make different styles of theme updates through today's theme settings, and Samsung I718 has several three star style themes for users to set, and users can download more topics through the network. Line replacement.

In the past, for Samsung users and first contact PPC phones to be able to quickly manipulate the I718, I718 provides a unique operating interface for a starter. After opening the starter, you can see the familiar Samsung non smart phone interface, which is accurately classified for each type and setting to enter the relevant After the option and continue to retain a three star style menu style, it is very convenient to view it, snake skin phone case iphone 6 only after entering a separate functional option, we can see the related pages of Windows mobile. Here we can see Samsung's intimate design, and even a smart phone can be used as a conventional mobile phone, and it's very surprising that only Samsung has made such a functional design in the industry.

Dial-up color fonts, as well as a variety of display effects that have appeared in Samsung's traditional mobile phones, are also supported on the I718, which more closely provides support for IP phones.

In order to make the I718 excellent, Samsung has a 2 million pixel camera for I718 and provides the support of the auto focus module, which effectively guarantees the clarity of the picture. There are not many models on the PPC phone equipped with autofocus modules, and I718 is equipped with such a configuration on the thickness of 13.5mm only. It is really admirable. Samsung I718's camera provides support for self timer lens. If we can add flash function, we can make it more effective. Although equipped with an automatic focus camera, the I718 does not provide a semi - pressed shutter button support, and the camera will focus automatically only after the shutter is pressed, and the focus is automatically taken after the focus is completed.

In the video shooting function, the Samsung I718 can shoot a video clip of 320 * 240 pixels. In the recording length, it provides a suitable color message restriction, 10 seconds, and unlimited options. For other function settings, I718 can call and take pictures for special effect settings.

Samsung I718's phone book keeps the consistency of Windows mobile.

In order to give full play to the function of Samsung I718's auto focus camera, I718 has a built-in card recognition function, and after starting the card recognition function, the screen will have a green box showing that the user only needs to turn the green border to the four sides of the business card, and then the system will automatically turn yellow after the four green borders are turned yellow. Take a shot and identify it. Perhaps because the I718 of this test is a prototype, it is impossible to correctly identify the business card, and many attempts have appeared to be a phenomenon of false death. It is hoped that the phenomenon can be solved well when the Samsung I718 is on the market.

Samsung I718 has a built-in multimedia housekeeper's software. After starting, it can view pictures, video, music, documents and other related files. After finding and selecting relevant files, the related programs will be invoked to open the files.

For the convenience of learning English, Samsung I718 has a built-in function of Kingsoft. Besides the two-way translation between English and Chinese, it also strengthens the functions of some previous PPC phones. It provides the function of screen words to facilitate the user to query English when browsing the web pages.

Samsung I718 provides excellent voice control software support. It only needs to start and control the related functions through the sound control through the pre setup. It can give full play to the intelligent control factors of the mobile phone and bring great convenience to the user's operation.

In addition to Windows Media player, Samsung I718 also provides a mini player function that can activate the mini player by short press key in the standby state. It provides a simple control of Windows Media player, which is actually a miniature version of Windows Media player, which facilitates user manipulation and selection. Choose.

On the tool side, Samsung I718 provides the support of the alarm clock, conversion and other functions for the shortage of the system, and the traditional calculator, task, best thin phone case for iphone 6 voice memory and other functions are natural.

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Iron Man Mark 43 CM8260 Cinemaquette Bringing the Magic of the Galaxy S6 Active Plastic Phone Skin

On the hardware side, the mysterious Samsung I718 performance is more general. In order to save the electricity, it is equipped with the PXA272 series CPU produced by Intel company in CPU. The highest operating frequency is 312MHz, although the frequency is not too high, but it is enough to cope with the general PPC software application in the whole process of testing. Samsung I718 basically did not delay the occurrence of the phenomenon, the reaction speed is satisfactory. In terms of user storage capacity, Samsung I718's fuselage provides 128MB Flash Rom, deducting the space occupied by the system, and the actual usable space of users is about 53MB. In addition to the built-in Flash flash memory, Samsung I718 also supports the expansion of the memory card. In the memory card, it also continues to select the smallest Micro SD card, which supports the hot plug operation to bring great convenience to the user. 64M's program runs memory space up to 32M after boot up, which provides efficient execution for the system.

In order to test the performance of Samsung's CPU, we set up a speed test software that used to test the CPU operation capability of the Windows smart phone. Through integer addition, integer multiplication, floating-point addition and floating-point multiplication, we fully and intuitively test the computing power of the CPU. From the test results, frequency The CPU with the highest rate of 312MHz is still very good.

In the multimedia performance test, we have tested the latest version of the TCPMP player in Samsung i768. The predecessor of the TCPMP version is BetaPlayer. The new version adds support to the playback of WMA and uses it to test the multimedia playback capabilities. From the test results, we can see the Samsung I718 in the test. The high frequency CPU performs better than the high frequency, and has good multimedia playback capability for audio and video.

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Justin Bieber u0027s New Tattoo Is Crazier Than All His Other Tattoos Combined Galaxy A7 2016 A7100 Mobile Phone Cover

In terms of overall performance testing, we used the PPC authoritative test software SPB benchmark for performance testing. In the charts compared with many other brands, we can see how the overall performance of Samsung I718 is in a position and how the actual application performance will be.

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From the test results of SPB benchmark, we can see that Samsung I718's support from Intel made high efficiency CPU is still good. From a number of test results to compare the model, Samsung I718's performance is very good, compared with some achievements ranked before. The overall performance is very good, can meet the daily life of the use.

Samsung I718 supports the application extensions of the JAVA MIDP 2 platform. From the software test results of Jbenchmark, the performance is very high, so excellent JAVA performance can deal with all the current JAVA programs at will, and good compatibility also brings excellent performance.

The two classic games on Windows Mobile are natural, and in our testing process, through the installation and test of other third party games, it is found that the Samsung I718 is very compatible with the software and the game, most of the software can be used, and the square navigation key is very suitable for the operation of the game. The music has a great effect.

Samsung I718 has a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1200 MA in the battery. In the battery test options, we used the limit test method to open Bluetooth and other wireless connections to maximize the screen's backlight brightness, and have been using the MediaPlayer loop to play MP3, with a 75% tone. The final test results are about 7.5 hours, and the machine automatically switches off until the battery is exhausted. This performance is more satisfactory, iphone 6 plus case - ringke fusion if the brightness of the screen, the standby time can be further increased, in the daily telephone and simple PDA function operation, Samsung I718 can maintain about 2~3 days of standby time, for the general user is still enough.

Advantages: the ultra-thin and stylish metal fuselage. 2.8 inch screen effect is good. The overall performance is strong. Equipped with 2 million pixel automatic focus camera.