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Lenovo canceled ZUK brand two years into ZUK mobile phone life

Zhongguancun online news: Legend has it that Lenovo has decided to give up its ZUK brand while the ZUK product line will not be launching any new products. Lenovo also said that Moto will adopt ZUK's ZUI system in the future. Since the second half of last year, it has been reported that Lenovo Mobile Services will be integrated to move the association into Moto, but from the current news, not only the mobile business is associated with the Moto, but even the ZUK is displaced.

According to the founder and executive director of the front, the news said that the ZUK brand will not launch ZUK Z3 in the future. From the comments of well-known analyst Pan Jiutang, we should see that ZUK should also be terminated in the hardware business of the mobile phone.

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In fact, after the release of ZUK Edge at the end of last year, fans would ask micro-blog to issue ZUK Z3 when they asked about the regular office, but he never responded, and the information that ZUK official micro-blog had disclosed in the near future showed that the ZUK brand was disappearing. In addition, according to the above sources, ZUK's R & D team has been integrated into Moto, and ZUI's team is currently working on localization adaptation of Moto. Previously, the ZUK co - founder Chen Yu, vice president of Lenovo Group, has confirmed that the upcoming Moto new machine will be launched at home, and it seems that the future of the mobile phone business in the magic works will turn to software.

In April 2015, personalised phone cases sony xperia m2 Lenovo's magic workshop was officially run independently. At that time, the CEO of the magic workshop was Lenovo's "fire chief" Chen Xudong. Later, Chen Xudong was sent to Lenovo Mobile, and Chang Cheng took the CEO of the magic workshop. In addition to mobile phone business, the magic workshop also has many kinds of intelligent hardware business.

In August 11, 2015, ZUK Z1 was released. As the first generation of products, the appearance of ZUK Z1 is amazing. Using Xiaolong 801 processor, 13 million pixel main camera. In terms of price, ZUK Z1 is only 1799 yuan. At the same time, U Touch is loaded for the first time, including the click of the HOME button to return to the desktop, touch back, fingerprint identification, double click into the application history, and the left and right switching applications.

One year after ZUK Z1 was released, ZUK Z2 and Z2 Pro appeared. ZUK Z2 Pro, released in April 21, phone full body skin 2016, brings ten "global first". The first integrates ten professional sensors, the first wet hand fingerprint unlock, the first real 3D glass fuselage and so on. Z2 Pro uses 6GB to run memory, full blood version Xiaolong 820 processor, and the price of 2499 yuan is still bursting with cost performance. ZUK Z2, released in May 31st, is known as the "super" flagship, equipped with a full version of Xiaolong 820 processor.

The last cell phone, ZUK Edge, was released on December 20, 2016, on the way of online release, 86.4% of the screen share, using hidden Under Glass fingerprint identification. However, judging from the current news, ZUK Edge is probably the highlight of the ZUK mobile phone brand.

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