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Metal shell will eat apple 6 signal recommended purchase of insulation shell.

A few days ago, Changchun citizen Liu bought a new Apple 6. How could anyone not get in touch with her? Why? Let's tell you to take the cell phone shell down. Is it true that metal phone shell will reduce one signal? In order to get the true conclusion, the reporter tested the Apple 6 mobile phone.

Sony Xperia Z5 E6603 Accessories Pouches Skin Shell with Koalas are protected by law but their homes and food aren t
Sony Xperia Z5 E6603 Accessories Pouches Skin Shell with Koalas are protected by law but their homes and food aren t

The reporter took the Apple 6 mobile phone and the pre bought metal mobile phone shell in the shopping mall where the signal was good. Without a metal shell, the signal is 5 full of signals, and in the outer shell of a few seconds, iphone 6 plus back cover template the cell phone quickly turns into a 2 - grid signal, and the other cell phone is dialing in. The phone is in "the call you dialed temporarily can't connect". After removing the metal shell, it didn't take long to change the angle, and the cell phone signal was restored to 4 and 5 grid full. Several tests, the results are the same.

In order to avoid the difference of the test results, buy phone cover online malaysia the reporter took the Apple 6 and the metal shell out to the outdoor test. The test results were the same, only after loading and holding the metal shell, the recovery signal was turned into 5 lattice, and the signal was slightly stronger.

Mr. Zhang, who runs a mobile phone in the mobile market, mobile phone case and covers said, "the only impact on the metal shell is the apple cell phone, because the design difference, the metal shell will have an impact on the apple cell phone signal, the signal is weak, mobile phone cases melbourne not the quality of the apple cell phone itself." "Therefore, Mr. Zhang suggested that Apple phone users should buy and use plastic and leather insulation materials instead of metal casing.

For example, the electromagnetic wave of mobile phone signals will be weakened when it is normally transmitted in the air. If the metal or wall is hindered, the signal effect will decrease, and the other is different from the environment and the location of the mobile phone, and the signal intensity is different. Therefore, the metal mobile phone shell will lower the phone at least one signal. (reporter Zhang Tianyi)