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The phone with a protective shell is broken, probably because you don't understand anything.

Buying mobile phones always requires cell phone shells. After all, mobile phones are not cheap to buy. People have a stumble for a meal, there is no food to eat, no rice to eat, and how to eat sesame cake, which is not afraid of sesame seeds in case of fear that ten thousand naked mobile phones fly out to pieces?

On a night high with black wind, I rushed out of the cell phone in a hurry, and fell to the ground, or the screen went down. Then pick up a look, there are numerous scratches, three corners are rotten. Luckily, the parts displayed on the screen are not broken, and the scratches are not obvious.

At this point, my 6sp rear cover oxidation screen burst, the product phase slag into such a rare second hand had to rot in their hands.

So, for the practical party, a durable and reliable protective shell is very important, even if it is a sacrifice for the feel of the grind - treated metal body is really slippery! Easy to drop!

It is precisely because such tragedies often happen that there are so many flashy cell phone shells on the market.

However, not only our Chinese talents use fancy mobile phone shells, but also the aesthetics of foreigners.

Well, bullshit doesn't mean much dry goods: cellphone shell has many strange shapes, but there are four kinds of material on the phone shell: silicone, TPU, cell phone accessories hs code PC and PP.

design phone case with Tour Video View Tour Map Travel Israel
design phone case with Tour Video View Tour Map Travel Israel

Silica gel (Silica gel; Silica) alias silicic acid gel, non-toxic, tasteless, stable chemical properties, is also the earliest appearance of the mobile shell material, soft texture, antiskid, can make a special (exaggerated) shape.

Galaxy SII 4.3
Galaxy SII 4.3"" Accessories Pouches Skin Shell with Our Favorite Kitchens

One of the official shells of iPhone is made of silicone, though it is well protected and feels good, but the disadvantage is too! Thick! Now!

Kane Brown on Twitter Happy Thanksgiving from the browns Meizu M3 Note 5.5
Kane Brown on Twitter Happy Thanksgiving from the browns Meizu M3 Note 5.5"" Mobile Pouch Shell Case

Generally have to do more than 1.6mm, set up after the phone was a big circle, what ultra-thin fuselage, delicate aluminum alloy feel is gone. But some of the well made silicone shells feel great, too, depending on personal preference.

However, for the cell phone, because the silicone shell is generally thick, so the thermal conductivity is not good, if the cell phone itself heat is not good, it will be serious so if your cell phone is the processor of the 810 of the long dragon, you still don't think of the silicone shell.

The full name is Thermoplastic polyurethanes, iphone 6 case with bottle opener and lighter that is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. It is a material that can change soft deformation repeatedly under certain heat. The elasticity is between silica gel and plastic, that is, generally speaking, soft shell.

TPU has strong abrasion resistance and flexibility, and also has a certain impact resistance and shock absorption. It can be made thin and transparent. It is the most common material on Taobao.

First, it will turn yellow after a long time and look ugly. Although the publicity of Taobao shop says that it will not change color, you should listen and don't believe it. But this kind of shell is very cheap, and a lot of wallet, so it is not impossible to replace it with yellow for three months.

The two is that PTU is easy to deform. A lot of cell phone shells are super thin, and if TPU is too thin, it will cause permanent deformation and no longer fit the phone. It is also easy to use the sand and dust to enter the gap between the shell and the fuselage and to damage the cell phone.

The full name of PC, Polycarbonate, is the most common engineering plastics. It also has a name of polycarbonate, which is much taller. PC mobile phone shell is also known as hard shell, which can be made thin or transparent, but with low toughness, poor impact resistance, and too thin to break easily.

The advantage of PC is that it will not change color and be easy to deform for a long time. It is very close to mobile phone, and it is also very cheap.

The disadvantage is that it is too hard, and the shell of the bright surface is easy to scrape. In addition, the PC material will release the poisons of bisphenol A, and the world has banned the use of PC materials on baby bottles in 2011 (but this does not mean that a bottle without bisphenol A is safe).

Although the cell phone shell does not meet with high temperature, it is no problem to use PC. But for some small partners with obsessive compulsive disorder or mental cleanliness, it is always a heart attack.

The full name Polypropylene, namely polypropylene, phone cover homemade is a kind of resin which is similar to PC, but healthy and non-toxic. Because of the high crystallinity, the surface strength and scratch resistance of the material are excellent, and there is no problem of stress fragmentation. PP is a hard shell, but it is not as hard as PC. It can be thinner in all materials, and the surface is not easy to scrape, and the deformation is small, and the long term use will not change color.

The disadvantage of PP is that toughness is not enough. At a thin joint, such as USB interface, too much effort may cause permanent deformation. In addition, while doing thin hands, the collision resistance will be lower, so be careful when using it (of course, whatever the shell is used, it is best not to careless to throw it in the hand).

In addition to the four materials mentioned above, there are some special materials made of handset shells, such as the more wrestling Kevlar and the more sentiments of the logs, but these are basically the patches, and the most inside is a hard shell. There are also some patches, but such cell phone shells have high requirements for technology and materials. They are often not expensive at one hundred.

Generally speaking, PP is the most suitable material for mobile phone shell now. But when it comes to buying, the material is just the foundation, and more is the look of the phone shell. After all, the cell phone shell has become the same fashion as clothes and shoes, a person is a literature and art is to force or tease, mobile phone vinyl skins from the Ta mobile phone shell can be seen and, such as thousands of mobile phones are still streaking, perhaps not a tyrant, but must be an obstinate finish of the Americanism.

P.S. do you ask me if my cell phone is wearing a shell now? (not afraid of death) I still stick to the nude. I feel the most important. I can not live up to Jonathan Ive and apple to pursue the extreme design and feel, smashed hundreds of millions of American and gold made crafts.

What's more, I've seen a terrible screen fall to the iPhone 6 that even the sensors are going to drop out and still have normal use, and I believe that the screen will be acceptable if you are careful.