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The return of the NOKIA King leads 5G to reshape the ecological pattern.

Guide: NOKIA is only temporary "retreat". Wan Nuo powder is still looking forward to NOKIA. This once king can come back again and make a comeback.

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Moto E3 XT1700 Plastic Phone Shell with Daytona Beach

When we talk about NOKIA, people around us will use these three words. A face's wrist sighs. Some people would say: if we had developed Android mobile phone, maybe it would be another look now. But that's not the case. I also think of a very popular saying: mainly look at temperament!

When eloppe landed in NOKIA, he strongly advocated to commit herself to Microsoft. Later, we knew all about it. In February 11, 2011, NOKIA and Microsoft reached a global strategic alliance and deep cooperation to develop Windows phone operating system together. In April 25, 2014, NOKIA announced the completion of the mobile business transaction with the Microsoft Corp, and NOKIA formally withdrew from the mobile phone market.

NOKIA is only temporary "retreat". Wan Nuo powder is still looking forward to NOKIA. This once king can come back again and make a comeback.

A thousand calls come out, and the "pattern" is half covered. A few days ago, just concluded MWC world mobile communication conference, NOKIA CEO Rajiv Suli heavy news announced: NOKIA will return to the king!

In fact, NOKIA's bones still retain the supremacy of the king. Even if the focus of the business is transferred from other areas to mobile phones, and then to the development of mobile phones to other areas, NOKIA is still not far from us, and this force still can not be ignored.

First, NOKIA is a large domestic cross industry company in Finland. Its industry involves many fields, such as paper, chemical, s5 phone cases nz rubber, cable, pharmaceutical, natural gas, oil, military and so on. In the middle of 90s, many industries faced setbacks in NOKIA. In the critical time of being on the verge of bankruptcy, NOKIA abandoned the traditional industry and retained the new electronic sector.

Since then, NOKIA has begun to glory, and mobile phone sales are increasing. Since 1996, NOKIA Mobile has won the first market share in mobile phones for 15 consecutive years. In the sales records of mobile phones, NOKIA's 1110 mobile phones have sold 250 million units worldwide, and this record is still impossible to break. There was no doubt that NOKIA was very successful then. By mastering user psychology and scale production, the price has been minimized, and the use of excellent performance has won most of the market share.

However, with the arrival of the 3G era, people are not satisfied with the mobile phone only as a simple call tool, but want to have more breakthroughs in other aspects. Users also give more human needs to the mobile phone. People's requirements for hardware are slowing down, and the rapid upgrading of the mobile software operating system is needed. Ask for a sharp rise. In addition, Samsung and apple in the smartphone market have come to the fore, and the NOKIA, which is still in the functional machine and the Symbian system, cool clear phone case ideas is slowly losing the market, and even the end of Microsoft.

There may be no standard answer to this question. But think carefully, sitting the market chair for 15 years, NOKIA what waves, what crisis did not meet? You can say NOKIA is not very cold already high, look down on the new market share of the new mobile phone.

p and then in February 2018 the girls sparked a fan phone case design
p and then in February 2018 the girls sparked a fan phone case design

NOKIA's encounter has made it no longer confined to the position of the station, but is trying to open up another world, to sit down with apple and Samsung, even to surpass them, to reshape another ecological pattern.

Because NOKIA has a pattern and temperament, and most importantly, strength is still there. The most powerful system development team, and the Meego system speed is far better than the Android system, compared with the iOS system is not up and down, in time, may be a great talent. But the story goes back to the parachute of elopp, the idea of marriage with Microsoft, and the decision to announce the operating system of Windows Phone, which is the same as abandoning the original Meego system. This is like pushing the fans into the camp of opponents, and NOKIA brain drain is very serious.

Many people now criticised the choice of NOKIA at that time, but in retrospect, NOKIA thought that the idea of being the king of hegemony would not allow it to be a subordinate, skin smartphone indonesia even a failure to fail, and then the Phoenix sought a chance to regenerate and change. Therefore, the merits and demerits are different.