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What kind of mobile phone brands sell better in the three or four tier cities

The new one has a small problem to ask you. What brand of mobile phones do you think will be better sold in the three or four tier cities?

In order to verify the answer that you already have, the new sauce took 3 days from Gao de map to obtain information about the location information of 7 mainstream mobile phone brands in China, including apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet and Meizu. The results are as follows:

Although the new sauce has not been able to get the sales data of each mobile phone brand in the city for the time being, you can still see the answer roughly from the number of sales points.

Compared with the number of 7 big brand stores in different cities, there are almost no differences in the volume of apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo in the first tier cities, but when the city level begins to go to the lower line, Samsung and HUAWEI are the first to exit the competition pattern of "one City hundred shops" in the new line city.

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Apple's dealer's loss of advantage is that Apple's official Apple Store, which is starting from the three line city, has not yet entered any of the three - line cities of China, where all the apple phones are sold by dealers. In the end, OPPO and vivo became the biggest winners of the 345 tier cities.

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design phone case with Credit Karen M Warkentin

Behind the distribution difference of sales point is actually related to the price positioning of each brand. The new one also counted the price range and average price of 7 mobile phone brands.

Looking at the level of their average price and positioning the target consumers, you can easily divide them into three categories: the first brand is an apple, a Samsung and a HUAWEI, the second are the combination of OPPO and vivo, and the third brands are good at Internet marketing and less attention to the millet and charm of the offline channels. Family.

So the new sauce could explain part of the front city distribution chart in front of the higher level city, and users are more aware of the high-end mobile phone brand, but the five thousand or six thousand yuan mobile phone is much smaller in the city under three lines.

"Shanghai can not compare with the outside world. When you walk on the street, you see that the most used cell phone is apple, and the local consumers do not have a strong awareness of OPPO. "In the vicinity of ShangHai Railway Station, phone back cover my pic the 7 floor of night city commercial building is OPPO two class agent Li Jia Yang, said to the new sauce.

Li knows that doing OPPO business in a city like Shanghai is not the best choice, but when he first came to the mall two years ago, he still saw the potential of the business.

Take the latest OPPO model R11 as an example. After the dealers in Shanghai take the goods from Li's hand, each can guarantee a gross profit of about 400 yuan, and the dealers do not have to prepare the goods without the "back stock" sales point, so long as they sell the goods to a higher level agent like Li Jia Yang, and finally settle the profit with the agent directly. In addition, the agent will also be responsible for the decoration of the store.

It's more profitable for small business owners than other brands. It can be imagined that if we go to a low level city with lower price level, such gross profit means higher income. "Now in the mobile phone business, apart from two mobile phones and mobile phones, the highest profit is to sell OPPO and vivo. "Li Jia Yang said this to the new sauce.

The new one uses 7 mobile phone brands to calculate the amount of mobile phone sales per capita in each city. Among them, every 10 thousand people in Dongguan have 2.55 brands of mobile phone sales, the highest number in the city.

However, the first tier cities are still the highest average city of mobile phone sales outlets per capita, and the most intense competition for mobile phone brands.

Unlike the low tier cities, OPPO's strategy in the first tier cities focuses more on building brand image rather than simply increasing the number of sales outlets. A staff member of the OPPO headquarters said that the front-line cities require more refined shop decoration and better quality. The sales point is not the pursuit of quantity, not the practice of copying in the three or four line city.

According to the new sauce, OPPO's offline channel is early in the "BBK era" (about a complex relationship between BBK, OPPO and vivo). Now OPPO has 36 first class agents in the whole country. Under the first level agents, there are two agents. The two tier agents are the local distributors.

Li Jia Yang belongs to the two level agent in charge of the digital market in Shanghai. Besides supplying goods to dealers and helping them complete their store decoration, Li Jia Yang will also set up a brand experience shop with its own scale. The location of such an experiential shop is more particular, usually in lots of people with larger traffic and better business atmosphere.

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Up to now, OPPO has 101 such experiential shops in Shanghai, and the opening of more experiential shops has also been put on the agenda. According to Li Jia Yang, the decoration style of the next experience shop will be transformed, and "more apple" in describing this style, cell phone case reduce radiation he thinks this is the most appropriate description.

You can see from the above picture that the gray background of the distribution of different types of mobile phone brand sales points and commercial resources in Shanghai is the overall layout of the commercial resources in Shanghai. The depth of the color source represents the gathering of commercial resources, and the color point is the body position of all kinds of mobile phone brands.

The new one sauce found that the distribution of OPPO and vivo was more homogeneous than other brands, and did not concentrate on the areas with more commercial resources. On the contrary, the sales points of apple, Samsung and HUAWEI in the type I are concentrated in the bustling area of the city center or in the sub center. It belongs to the millet and the Meizu of class III because the strategy does not support the laying of a large number of lines under the line, the stores are more inclined to display the image, like the type I, even the grid of the Shanghai sales point. The commercial mean is higher than the type I brand.

The situation in Foshan is similar. The business average of OPPO and vivo's mobile phone sales outlets is significantly lower than that of category I and type III mobile phone brands.

The new sauce did not find Foshan's dealers, but Foshan was similar to the other city, Suzhou, described by Li Jia Yang. They all had pieces of manufacturing factories around which type I and class III mobile phones won't go, but both OPPO and vivo were infiltrated.

OPPO and vivo have completely occupied the three line city of Shangqiu, which not only grasped the most densely distributed central area of the commercial resources, but also in a large number of town areas with sparse commercial resources than the type I and type III mobile phones that only went to the county town.

Shangqiu's form has set up the curiosity of the new sauce, and wants to further study the number of competitors within the service range of each OPPO sales point, so a new way of calculating the Tyson polygon is introduced.

The Tyson polygon is a method of dividing the space plane, which is characterized by the distance from any position in the polygon to the discrete point of the polygon. It is far away from the discrete points in the adjacent polygons, and each polygon is contained and contains only one discrete point. To put it simply, it divides the middle line between any two shops. The geometric shape formed by these lines is the service scope of the shop.

After calculating the Tyson polygon with all the OPPO sales locations in Shangqiu, the new one also projected the other 6 brand names. The result is more obvious. In Shangqiu, each OPPO sales point coverage area is wider than Shanghai and Foshan, and almost no competition after the township level.

The expression of the data is: if you calculate the number of competitors within the service range of each OPPO sales point (that is, the number of other points in each Tyson polygon), the average in Shanghai is 3.59, Foshan is 2.38, and Shangqiu's value is only 0.49.

From Shanghai to Foshan to Shangqiu, the level of the city is falling, kyocera event phone cases at walmart and the number of competitors in the OPPO sales point of service is also falling, and the continuous sinking of OPPO through the channel has finally established a dominant position in the three or four line city.

"Shanghai's sales increase this year is less than that of other cities in the country. Our headquarters just gave us a military order this month. "Li Jiayang said. But for OPPO, the real market is not in Shanghai, but it knows best.